The Automatic Aerosol Dispensing Units - From Dynamic Chemicals

DYNAIR - the automatic air freshener, odour control, air sanitizing and freshener dispenser, cabinet.

Battery operated automatic air freshener dispenser with variable controllable dispensing intervals, daylight only, night only, or 24 hour continuous. Controlled by light sensor or manual switch. When set at daylight only, it will operate only when there is a light source, daylight or artificial light,electric bulb, fluorescent, etc. This effectively saves the cost of batteries, doubles the life of the aerosol and halves the overall costs. At an average 20 minute spray interval it costs approximately £1.50 per month.

Are you spending £££'s renting a similar machine - make massive savings by buying the machine outright!!!

The DYNAIR dispenser is not restrictive in it's acceptability of aerosol refills therefore it will accept most manufacturers metered 250 - 280 ml refills.

Rid odours, and bad or unpleasant smells in waiting rooms, public areas, washrooms and toilets.

The DYNAIR dispenser can dispense Fly Spray & Odour Neutralizer as well as the normal air freshener tins.


air freshener re-fills
  • Most popular Frangances
  • Baby Powder
  • Cranberry
  • Orange
  • Vanilla
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